If you’ve been suffering from the pain, swelling, and appearance of varicose veins and spider veins, suffer no more. Compression therapy is, for many, an excellent way to relieve these symptoms. Dr. Allen K. Chan, vascular surgeon and vein specialist at SoCal Vein & Aesthetics in Murrieta, California, helps people with these problems every day. Call or click online to schedule your appointment to learn how compression therapy can help you.

What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy refers to the use of a specially designed garment — in the case of vein treatments, stockings — that’s designed to deliver pressure and provide support. Compression therapy is a common component of vein treatment and is often recommended after vein procedures like vein stripping.

Who can use compression therapy?

Compression therapy isn’t restricted to those who recently had vein treatment. It may be used for:

  • People who suffer from diabetes with circulatory issues
  • Pregnant women experiencing leg and ankle swelling or developing new varicose veins
  • People who spend a lot of time on their feet: Nurses, teachers, etc.
  • People who have varicose veins but aren’t quite ready to have a vein procedure

Which type of compression garment should you use?

Dr. Chan is happy to advise his SoCal Vein & Aesthetics patients about compression garments. There are several levels of compression, including:

Mild compression (15-20mmHg)

This type of compression is typically recommended for less serious varicose veins or for chronic edema in the legs. This type of compression garment is non-medical and usually doesn’t require a prescription.

Moderate compression (20-30mmHg)

This level of compression is usually recommended for moderate varicose veins, persistent edema, and chronic circulatory issues. This is a medical level compression garment.

Major compression (30-40mmHg)

This level of compression is the type that’s usually recommended by Dr. Chan after surgical vein procedures. It’s also recommended in cases of severe venous insufficiency. Major compression garments are medical level compression garments that are prescribed by a doctor.

How long should you wear compression garments?

If Dr. Chan prescribes compression garments after a vein procedure, you may be told to wear the stockings around the clock. How long you need to wear the compression stockings depends on several factors, including the specific procedure that you had and how you’re healing. Be sure to follow all recommendations from Dr. Chan regarding wear of your compression stockings, including leg elevation and rest, to get the best results after your vein treatment.

To answer your questions about whether compression therapy can help you, make an appointment online or call anytime.

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