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Varicose veins and other problems that occur due to chronic venous disease are often treated with vein stripping. Dr. Allen K. Chan, vascular surgeon and vein specialist at SoCal Vein & Aesthetics in Murrieta, California, can pull the veins from beneath the skin with only very small incisions. This treatment is effective and is an excellent way to permanently resolve varicose veins. Schedule a consultation for treatment by calling SoCal Vein & Aesthetics, or use their online scheduling tool.

Vein Stripping Q & A

Vein stripping is a procedure designed to remove varicose veins from the legs. Vein stripping is a very effective solution because it actually removes the veins from the legs and helps prevent their return. This type of procedure is often used in cases of serious varicose veins that are bulging out from the lower or upper legs.

Dr. Chan may recommend vein stripping for SoCal Vein & Aesthetics patients who have problems with:

  • Chronic pain or tenderness in the lower legs, upper legs, or both
  • Chronic sores or ulcers in the legs due to veins
  • Blood clots in the legs

Varicose vein stripping isn’t only performed for medical reasons. Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their varicose veins and opt for vein stripping for that reason. If you’re hesitant to wear shorts, a swimsuit, or any clothing that exposes the legs due to varicose veins, this procedure may be a good option for you to consider.

The vein stripping process is usually only 60-90 minutes long, and it’s done as an outpatient procedure at SoCal Vein & Aesthetics. Dr. Chan may recommend either spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia for your vein stripping procedure. With either type of anesthesia, you won’t be in pain during the vein stripping procedure.

Once you’re fully numb, Dr. Chan will create several tiny incisions, one at each end of the vein.

A very thin and flexible plastic wire is then precisely threaded into the vein and tied around the vein. This allows Dr. Chan to gently extract the vein through the lower incision.

As each vein is removed, the incisions are sutured closed.

You’ll need to wear compression stockings after varicose vein stripping. This helps keep blood from clotting and encourages proper circulation.

For the first few days after vein stripping, you’ll need to stay off your feet and elevate your legs whenever possible.

Dr. Chan will recommend proper pain medications for any discomfort you may have during this period. After that, you can gradually resume regular activities.

About a month after vein stripping, you’ll usually be able to fully return to your routine.

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